The Hipster Apocalypse is upon Us…Can We Save our Neighborhoods…

…the zombie apocalypse has already begun…all over the country in places like LA, Oakland, Harlem…insidiously, they take over our businesses, our schools, our homes…flooding our streets with bicycles….

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Caine’s Arcade Last Day & Birthday Party Today Sat 8/3!

Wow I just found out about this late last night and posting it up because even if it’s too late to attend by the time you read this, you have to know Caine’s story if you don’t already! This precocious, creative little boy from Boyle Heights, East LA not only inspired a community, he inspired the world! Come out today for his 11th birthday as he “retires” and moves on to bigger, imaginative ambitions!


John Carlos De Luna: Life Lessons of Boyle Heights Artist on Dressing Well and Staying True to Yourself

© Farah Sosa
If you’ve been to Eastside Luv Bar in Boyle Heights for Subsuelo, Ecléctica, or any of the nightly libations there, you will no doubt have been greeted by a dapper, finely dressed gentleman by the name of John Carlos de Luna. It wasn’t until I’d been coming to ESL for a while that I started to strike up conversations with John and realized there was a lot more to John than just being the door guy at one of my favorite joints.

Besides our mutual experiences of escaping the corporate rat race and our dislike for pretentious hipsters who find their way to East LA, there are many reasons why John thinks you should always look your best and other inspirational thoughts about his upbringing and pursuing his artistic endeavors to both sustain himself and his community in Boyle Heights. Watch the photo essay on him by Rafael Cardenas, another talented Eastside denizen you probably have seen at ESL, and enjoy my interview with John.

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Best Maid of Honor Toast Ever! Eminem would be Proud!

Here’s your latest viral video enjoyment from Los Angeles: Jennifer Gabrielli of Redondo Beach didn’t want to mess up the all important Maid of Honor toast at her sister’s wedding by forgetting her speech and crying so she did what any conscientious little sister would do…write the speech to Eminem’s rap song “Without Me” and belt it out like a boss! Girl nailed it! Lyrics below. So much wonderful goofy goodness from people here in LA…want to see more?


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Shift It! Goorgen and the Best Transmission Auto Shop Commercial Ever!

Hahahaha…apparently the most interesting people in Los Angeles can be found in Burbank! First, we had the singing couple at the gas station and now this is Goorgen Zargarian, the real business owner of a real business Arlen’s Transmission. If you don’t believe it, watch the official (boring) commercial which definitely needed a big overhaul and a jump start (ha! I couldn’t resist): Continue reading

Gas Station Karaoke turns Couple into Internet Sensation!

gas station

This week’s internet viral pick-me-up! A man gets startled the gas pump is speaking to him and he and his wife aren’t shy to break out into spontaneous song and dance! Thank you, Will and Monifa Sims! My hope in people is restored…so wherever you are this weekend, sing and dance like no one’s watching (or not care if you’re being broadcast to millions on TV)! If you couldn’t get enough of this irresistibly happy couple, catch their encore below on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Apparently the most interesting people in LA are in Burbank — if you thought the Sims were hilarious, check out Goorgen and learn how to shift it! Continue reading

Reggae Pops 70th Birthday Party March 22!

reggae pops1
Hey cool kids! Everyone’s idol and beloved grandfather figure, Reggae Pops, is celebrating his 70th birthday next Friday, March 22 at Arena! If you’re a creature of LA’s reggae, house and latin music and dance scene, chances are you’ve seen Pops out on the dance floor, giving you no excuse not to be shaking your booty too! To many of us, Pops is the real Most Interesting Man in the World and you know you’re at a cool event when Pops esta en la casa! Thanks to my obsession with filming everywhere I went in LA, I actually have video of when I first met Pops back in 2008. It immediately occurred to me we both had 2 things in common: we both love to dance and we both have eyes for the ladies…HA! The Man is my Inspiration! And I’m not alone! Continue reading