En•clave: a territory whose inhabitants are culturally distinct. At Enclave LA, we strive to be a source for what’s happening in LA’s unique and vast cultural landscape.

It all started with friendships formed at summer concerts and music festivals throughout LA, seeing the same friendly smiles and dancing together with fellow music lovers who can’t sit still and don’t believe music is for sitting down. There we always were, upfront and center, a dancing Vietnamese guy, a fashionable Kenyan girl, and a dapper Persian gentleman.

And there were the ever present photographers to capture and memorialize the beautifully diverse LA scene: the gentle giant from South LA, the petite professional from Guatemala, the gregarious Bolivian, the tall, blonde Russian, and so many new friends who’d moved here to LA from all points of the US, Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

What we hated most was finding out too late about cultural and underground events because they’re not well-publicized or not known outside of small communities and social circles. So harnessing the power of social media, we created a Facebook group All Things World Culture in LA to help spread the word on music, dance, art, film, entertainment and other hidden cultural treasures to be discovered in Los Angeles. Then this blog was born in February 2013, put up really quick and dirty and is a labor of love in progress.

We’re not interested in covering what you can already find in the LA Weekly or the latest hipster trend. There are so many beautiful people and beautiful stories to be told in this city and that’s what we want to (un)cover and help you (dis)cover. We’re passionate about spotlighting emerging talent and independent artists from our communities and underground scene to a wider audience, and supporting local businesses and social causes which enrich us all. Look for our weekly list of happening events in Los Angeles and check out our calendar!

Your cultural emissaries

farah dance

A lover of all people and cultures, Tom is a Vietnamese born refugee, who grew up in Orange County, speaks better Spanish than his native tongue, dances salsa, and feels his roots and oneness all the way back to Africa in her beautiful and soul-inspiring music! Whether he’s dancing, hosting travelers on his couch, or freelancing for Remezcla.com, Tom’s forever conspiring how to connect & bring people together in this fantastic and rich LA cultural landscape. You can contact El Chino Latino aqui or join his Facebook group All Things World Culture in LA and Film Lovers LA.


Always ready to have an amazing time and explore anywhere for great music and great people, Adrienne was born in Los Angeles, but grew up mostly in Orange County, she is African American and Afroecuadorian and feels a deep connection to her worldwide roots. She loves to dance from ballet, jazz, tap to hip hop, Afro-carribbean, West African, Casino de Rueda, Sevillanas, and Bomba y Plena. She also loves to sing and thinks great music helps us heal and feel! Adrienne’s forever finding ways to spread the word for folks to live life to the fullest and take advantage of all the beauty, art, and culture surrounding us! When she’s not promoting transfer access for community college students, singing in her car or getting down on the dance floor, she’s mixing homemade potions and lotions for natural beauty. Follow those adventures on her Pinterest!

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