The Hipster Apocalypse is upon Us…Can We Save our Neighborhoods…

…the zombie apocalypse has already begun…all over the country in places like LA, Oakland, Harlem…insidiously, they take over our businesses, our schools, our homes…flooding our streets with bicycles….

So why do hipsters like to invade our ethnic and minority neighborhoods? Just Ask a Mexican what is happening in the OC! And all humor aside, there are real issues of people in lower income neighborhoods being displaced to make way for redevelopment and wealthier occupants. Many of our friends are involved in the movement to preserve the Wyvernwood community in Boyle Heights against a big investor-funded redevelopment project.


12 thoughts on “The Hipster Apocalypse is upon Us…Can We Save our Neighborhoods…

  1. That video was very carefully filmed and edited to portray children and families in order to give viewers the impression that some how building new apartment complexes (which will still have green spaces and affordable housing) will somehow ruin this wonderful family complex. Wyvernwood likes to pretend like it’s a close nit, loving, family community but that’s not the truth. The complex is a strong hold for gangs, taggers and drug dealers. Most of southern Boyle Heights has been relatively peaceful except for Wyvernwood, where there has been many violent crimes, thefts, drug sales and murder all at the Wyvernwood complex (Source: LAPD crime maps). The 8th street gang runs that place, and they terrorize the surrounding area residents. Save Wyvernwood/Somos Wyvernwood likes to pretend that it’s all grandmas and children but they purposely don’t tell the story about the gangs, drugs, violence, graffiti/vandalism, the dilapidated buildings, the poor living conditions, the poverty, and the trash on the streets. Wyvernwood is not a nice area and it negatively effects the surrounding community. They don’t film the gangsters or the graffiti or the vandalized neighbors or the trash on the sidewalks in their movies. All they show you is the fabricated utopia they want you to think lives there.
    Like some poverty stockholm syndrome, the residents want to keep the status quo, because they like it that way and no change is good change. Leave Wyvernwood the way it is and the rest of Boyle Heights will continue to suffer from what hides out in the shadow of Wyvernwood. The videos don’t show you that, they don’t even hint about it. Why do these videos conveniently forget to mention all this? Why does Save Wyvernwood/Somos Wyvernwood lie to the public about the reality of life at Wyvernwood? There’s no film of gangsters, garbage, drugs, or tagging but it’s there and it’s out in the open. Why not film that, trying to hide something? Boyle Heights will never be able to grow out of these gangs, drugs and vandals that have plagued the area if nothing ever changes. After 50 plus years of the status quo and these one sided “hide the truth videos/stories” it’s evident that the resident of Wyvernwood have not, will not, and don’t want to change anything, forcing the rest of BHTS residents to suffer the consequences.
    Hipster gentrification here is a red herring, it doesn’t exist here, Wyvernwood is not in Highland Park or Echo Park, it’s in Boyle Heights and there are no hipsters at Wyvernwood. Hipsters, grandmas, and children are just carefully chosen images used to hide the truth. Wyvernwood is not a nice place to live, and it hurts the rest of our community. The Boyle Heights community as a whole wants change, only the Wyvernwood residents want to prevent it.
    This was written by a Boyle Heights resident who lives near Wyvernwood and is tired of hearing all the lies told about this place.

    • We appreciate your opinion and on a hotly divided topic as this one, there are rebuttals for every one of your insinuations, which are not backed up by any data as far as we can tell. There are interests, from both the public and private sector, as well as profit-driven and non-profits, on both sides of the argument and we stand with residents who live in Wyvernwood and want to preserve their community, as well as the organizations supporting them, like the LA Conservancy and Comite de La Esperanza, to name a few. You seem to insinuate that you are speaking for “The Boyle Heights community as a whole” and infer it is the entire Wyvernwood community who are standing in the way of progress. On the contrary, we recognize that the reality is more complex — there are Wyverwood residents both for and against the redevelopment project, just as there are Boyle Heights residents for and against the gentrification happening in general in the community. Crime and poverty are very real issues for all concerned — to point the finger at an entire community is not only unfair, it’s insulting to the hard working, honest and decent residents there. Instead we would like to ask if tearing down the community solves these issues? We’d like to ask if the property owners themselves have been good stewards of the community and working with the residents in good faith? We don’t have the answers but we hope our post and your response sparks a healthy discussion and hope to hear a variety of viewpoints, including those of Wyvernwood residents.

      • Please, let’s have a serious discussion.

        If you want to have a healthy discussion about being good stewards of the community and working together for actual progress, then lets stop bullshitting each other. Post articles about the real issues. If you don’t want WW to be knocked down then fine say that, but don’t pretend that every resident is a “hard working, honest and decent residents” when it’s not the whole truth. If you want to talk about how WW can be made better great lets talk but without addressing that issue of gangs, drugs and poverty how much real progress can be made? Because as long as the criminal element remains WW and the community will suffer no matter if the buildings stand or fall. Instead of being offended by someone saying that WW has a gang problem, why not acknowledge it? You can’t solve a problem until you admit these is one.

        To state that “we recognize that the reality is more complex” with out actually addressing any of the true problems (poverty, gangs, crimes) doesn’t help. To state that “we recognize that the reality is more complex” with out actually addressing any of the actual problems (poverty, gangs, crimes) is disingenuous. This article falsely pushes the notion that hipsters are WW’s real problem, when in fact there are no hipsters living at WW, why not address some real issue (crime, poverty, drugs) here on you blog instead of posting hipster videos.

    • Thank you EnclaveLa. There are more gangs in Boyle Heights, per square mile, than any other place in the country. If you lived here you’d know that. So are you saying that demolishing this community will solve the gang problem here. How about our under-performing schools? Don’t be an idiot. The residents of Wyvernwood are against this plan because its not in our best interest, not because we’re holding on to the status quo “like some poverty stockholme syndrome” as this assenine poster suggests.

      • “How about our under-performing schools?”
        Just some food for thought. Right now WW has about 6,000 residents estimated. Many of those residents are children in the school system. Let me ask you a question, Do you know how are schools funded?
        Well, schools are mostly funded by property taxes (yes, lotto, state funds, and federal funds but mostly property taxes). Right now there at least 6,000 renters at WW and ZERO of them pay property taxes. Only property owners pay property taxes. And knowing that the 15 group is the sole owner of the property and that they are a corporation, I’m sure like every other corporation out there they have a room full of accountants working the numbers so they pay as little taxes as possible. So, lets talk about under-performing schools. Underperforming schools are very closely linked to under funded schools. Since property taxes fund schools rich areas with high home ownership rates have well funded schools, and poor areas with low home ownership rates have under funded schools. So right now the current situation is that all of WW is owned by 1 entity and it pays as little taxes as possible. If the area of WW was to have a large amount of home owners paying property taxes, our schools might be a little better funded and better funded schools tend to be better performing schools. So, turning WW from apartments to condos might increase the rate home ownership which might actually have some benefit to the local under-performing school system.

  2. I agree with enclavela, and would like to add that the residents at Wyvernwood that I have met (and I’ve met many, many residents) don’t represent the negative picture you’re trying to paint of this community.
    You say that “After 50 plus years of the status quo and these one sided “hide the truth videos/stories” it’s evident that the resident of Wyvernwood have not, will not, and don’t want to change anything, forcing the rest of BHTS residents to suffer the consequences.”
    That doesn’t sound like the people I know at Wyvernwood, who DO want change! But the change they want is for the owners to properly maintain the place, instead of allowing (or even encouraging) the community to suffer from years of deferred maintenance, which makes the place look more blighted than it really is. This is known as “demolition by neglect.”
    I for one have been there and seen the scenes you suggest were staged in that short film. People do enjoy living there, do enjoy the ample open space, DO feel that they benefit from the sense of community – all of which would be erased by the proposed plan.
    Tearing down a thriving community is not the answer to address crime, neglect and tagging. I would suggest that an owner who cared about the their investment in the community, and willing to maintain it, would be a superior solution.

    • How does the map you cite support your argument? The vast majority of those dots lie outside of wyvernwood.. One of those names is that of a nephew of mine. He was killed in that warehouse area by Lorena and Pico. His murder remains usolved. And as write I cannot help but to think of you as this sad, soul less ghoul who want people to think that all those are somehow linked to or a result of Wyvernood or it’s residents.. You lack intellegence, creativity, and compassion. Without that,your best “urban strategy” your best solution is still only gentrification. Sad.

      • “The vast majority of those dots lie outside of wyvernwood..”
        Bullshit, look at the map. 4 at WW and 5 within 1 block. Thats 9 total.

        Count the dots the map doesn’t lie.

      • “And as write I cannot help but to think of you as this sad, soul less ghoul who want people to think that all those are somehow linked to or a result of Wyvernood or it’s residents..”

        The Gang graffiti reads “East Side 8th Street Wyvernwood Gardens”, do you expect me to believe that someone outside of WW came in and tagged this? Please, that was written by gangster living at WW. Do you expect me to believe that all these crimes and murders that happen there are all because other people are coming into WW, and it’s definitely not because of anyone from within the community. Please! Pull you head out of your ass, WW has serious problems and YES it is because of some of the residents there. That’s the truth.

  3. I’ve never seen that here. You could have put that there for all i know. what was the point you were trying to make about WW ? Tagging and graffiti – you never see that any where n Boyle Hts? C’mon dude! Walk more than two blocks in any direction and you’ll find someone else’s tagging.

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