Subsuelo ft. Los Tres Marks: Nu-Mark + Money Mark + Mark de Clive-Lowe

Subsuelo, the best underground dance party in LA, keeps outdoing themselves! In year one, they quickly outgrew their intimate home at Eastside Luv Bar in Boyle Heights, with lines out the door as LA’s newest best-kept secret. The LA Times and LA Weekly let the secret out as year two saw them adding to their monthly parties with special events, combining their trademark fusion of global dance music and live flamenco with some of the biggest names in the underground dance scene, like Mad Decent and Nickodemus. Not ones to rest on their laurels in year three, this Friday, October 11 at the Bootleg Theater, promises to be another epic sweatfest, featuring not just 1, but 3 epic DJs…all named Mark. Ladies and Gentlemen, Subsuelo presents for your listening and dancing pleasure…Los Tres Marks! Nu-Mark + Money Mark + Mark de Clive-Lowe!

Photo by Farah Sosa

– A member of Jurassic 5, Nu-Mark has amassed 35,000 records as a DJ since age 13, and will be performing his infamous “Toy Set” experimenting with childhood toys.

Money Mark – Another musical prodigy, and Beastie Boys collaborator,  Money Mark, aka Mark Ramos-Nishita, makes music as eclectic as his Latino/Asian upbringing in Detroit — you just never know what he’ll bring but you’re gonna love it!

Mark de Clive-Lowe – MdCL’s famous Church sessions all over the world are where underground music and dance aficionados come to worship…always an intoxicating blend of live jazz, soul and electronica.

And as always the Subsuelo crew as hosts, performers and merrymakers, will make you feel a part of one big familia out there on the dance floor…they got your Friday night right here! Get a taste and free downloads of all the artists exclusively at KCRW. Tickets are $10 advance and $15 at the door.



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