FILTER Magazine’s 4th Annual Culture Collide Part 1: International Acts


Brodka (Poland)

Maya Vik (Norway) – UPDATE!! She is incredible and so is her band. If you love funk, especially Prince’s 80s funk from Minneapolis, GO!!!

Prāta Vētra (Latvia) – Playing since 1989, they are arguably Latvia’s most famous band.

Frida Sundemo (Sweden)

Iza Lach (Poland) – Wondering if Snoop Dog…ahem…Lion…will be there to sing with his diva-in-training.

Gliss (Denmark) – Describing themselves as “late night fucked up art pop” and “blending Scandinavian cool with American experimental soundscapes”, they play right before The Raveonettes.

Vadoinmessico (UK) – The members of this 5 piece psychedelic band hail from Mexico, Italy, Austria and Italy but call London home.

Float Fall (Belgium)

Like Swimming (Sweden)


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