FILTER Magazine’s 4th Annual Culture Collide Part 1: International Acts

Hip Hop / Rap

Whether you like your hip hop old school, with electronica, or acoustically, check these rappers out.

Adi Ulmansky (Israel) – We’ve had her songs on repeat all week while exploring the lineup — don’t let the Pikachus and My Lil Ponies fool you. This talented rapper and producer is making big waves beyond her hometown of Jerusalem. A definite MUST-SEE act! She performs all 3 days so no excuses!

DENA (Bulgaria) – One Youtuber calls her “the East European M.I.A.” and the comparison ends there — we really love her mix of pop and old school hip hop and attitude. Who needs guns when you have a doorbell?

Beneen Squad (Senegal) – One continent that’s been noticeably absent from previous lineups is Africa so it’s refreshing to see 2 African bands this year. One, Beneen Squad, is a hip hop trio from Senegal formed in 2004 and in true hip hop consciousness, they rap about the social conditions there and their debut album is set to be released some time this year.


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