FILTER Magazine’s 4th Annual Culture Collide Part 1: International Acts

Acoustic / Folk / Soul

Our absolute TWO CAN’T MISS acts: Rhye, the mysterious duo of Mike Milosh and Robin Hannibal (of Quadron), whose make-love music sells out every show, and Alice Russell, divine queen of soul. Get to these 2 early because we’ve seen them before and they are spectacular.

Rhye (US/Denmark/Canada) – Milosh’s sensuous falsetto voice had everyone guessing and the duo and their band love to amp up the mood by playing on darkened, candlelit stages, so grab that special someone for this one.

Alice Russell (UK) – She will uplift and move you with her raw voice and energy. If you miss this show, you also get another chance to see her on Sunday at The Glass House in Pomona.

Yellow Optic Felt (Brazil)

Tiny Ruins (New Zealand) – We like the pensive, tender acoustic ballads of Tiny Ruins, aka Hollie Fullbrook.


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