FILTER Magazine’s 4th Annual Culture Collide Part 1: International Acts

FILTER Magazine
‘s Culture Collide music festival is probably the most underrated music festival in all of LA — since its inception in 2010, they’ve managed to bring together an impressive and unique global lineup of indie and emerging artists each year. Their motto “The World converges in Los Angeles…no passport needed” is no exaggeration. Last year, there were 80-some bands from 25 countries over a 4 day period, all for a pittance of just $20! The price for this year’s festival from October 10-12 is $30 which is still incredible — we don’t know how they manage to fly in so many bands from all over the place for that price!

When there are so many bands to see and we have to pick and choose — our preference of seeing bands is in order of how far they’ve come to play in LA so let’s start with the international bands first. Each year’s lineups are a balance of familiar headliners to emerging, obscure talents just waiting to be discovered! If you’re one of those musical hipsters who like to brag “I was listening to them long before I even knew who they were”, you won’t be disappointed with this year’s lineup. Click on the genres below to explore the many great bands coming to our shores and peep the lineup schedule!

Acoustic/Folk/Soul     Electronica      Hip Hop/Rap      Pop        Rock




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