Amadou & Mariam: LA Show Wed Jul 10 and new EP Mali Meets Latin America

World music darlings Amadou & Mariam are returning to LA for a show at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood on Wednesday, July 10, and it’s a can’t miss show, people! The internationally acclaimed “Blind Couple from Mali” are well known for their infectious Malian blues, rock and pop, mostly sung in Bambara and French. You don’t have to understand their lyrics to be instantly moved by their catchy beats & rhythms and African drums & percussion. Amadou & Mariam instantly command your attention onstage and their live shows are nonstop dance and sweat-fests! I’ll never forget the ecstatic energy of my first Amadou & Mariam concert a few years back and last summer, they had the whole crowd, young and old alike, enthralled and in a dancing frenzy at the Twilight concert on the Santa Monica Pier.

Also, Amadou & Mariam have followed the release of last year’s album Folila with a new EP, Mali Meets Latin America, that came out this past April. The EP is a collaboration with Latin American artists, Bomba EstereoFrikstailers, King Coya and Sidestepper, and each of them has created a remix from one of Folila’s tracks. Take a listen and buy your tickets to their LA show before they sell out!


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