Roseanne Barr Presents Mideast Masters of Jazz: Gilad Atzmon & Zane Musa May 17

On Friday, May 17, progressive comedienne/actor and activist Roseanne Barr presents Levantine and The Mint’s pairing “Mideast Masters of Jazz” starring sax maniacs Gilad Atzmon and Zane Musa, performing together LIVE for the first time. It’s all happening right here in Los Angeles, backed by some of the best be-bop musicians ever. The bonus is that both Gilad Atzmon and Zane Musa are dyed-in-the-wool originals, so if you love jazz and are curious about how an Israeli and Palestinian get along on stage and off, reserve your tickets for “Mideast Masters of Jazz” at 323.413.2001. Tickets are only $25 general admission, $30 cash at the door. Seating is limited, this show will sell out, don’t delay. The performance is one in a new series, “The Middle East Rocks,” organized by the Levantine Cultural Center and hosted by venerable L.A. club, The Mint.

Rock, metal, heavy metal, hip hop, jazz and blues are all-American music originals, but they are genres that are constantly being challenged and reinvented by swingers in the Middle East—by composers, singer-songwriters and musicians who are both natively Middle Eastern but strongly western in their tastes and travels.

Before the concert, the Levantine Cultural Center will screen a documentary about Gilad Atzmon that follows a flourishing year in the life of one of modern music’s greatest saxophonists, one of Israel’s most controversial exiles and public speakers. Gilad and all that Jazz is a portrait of one of the modern era’s best saxophonists; a man who has stolen hearts with the sounds of his sax and angered many with his political activities. Ticket is $5 and the Levantine Cultural Center is next to The Mint. More info on both events here.


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