Hola Mexico Film Festival: Film + Food + Music! May 15-22

Last night was the opening night of the 5th Annual Hola Mexico Film Festival and it’s the most ambitious to date! Here are the details from their site:

For the first time, in addition to celebrated and award-winning films, Hola Mexico will include food and music festivals, bringing together some of the best chefs and musical performances from Mexico.

HOLA MEXICO FILM FESTIVAL presented by DishLATINO will continue until May 22, with screenings from the 16th to the 21st at the Regal Cinemas at L.A. LIVE.   With such a tremendous line-up, Hola Mexico will be hosting exclusive screenings, so patrons have just one opportunity to see each film.  In attendance will be over forty directors, actors and producers for film introductions and post-screening Q&As.

The Hola Mexico Food Festival and Bricia Lopez (La Guelaguetza) have selected five of the best chefs from Mexico for the unprecedented event LA GRAN PARRILLADA (THE GREATEST BBQ) on May 19.   For Hola Mexico’s first year,La Plaza de Cultura y Artes, will host the chefs for a grand scale BBQ live cooking, followed by a sampling of their cuisine.   The festival will also showcase a collection of 10 wines from El Valle de Guadalupe in México.  Of course, all Hola Mexico special events will have Mexican beers, tequilas and mezcales.

On May 22, the festival will host a very special Closing Night with the documentary Celso Piña: The Accordion Rebel, followed by a concert from Piña himself, also at  LA Plaza De Cultura Y Artes.

This is the calendar of films and here are the special food and music events:

Thu May 16 VIVA MEZCAL at La Guelaguetza
La Guelaguetza, the LA landmark known for its for authentic Mexican cuisine will host this exclusive event: a celebration of Mezcal. The night will begin with the documentary Viva Mezcal, directed by Pedro Jiménez. Following the screening will be a dinner presented by Chef Rodolfo Castellanos from Oaxaca, complimented by a Mezcal tasting. Viva Mezcal is a look at traditional Mexican Mezcal, with interviews from biologoists, agronomes, ‘maestros mezcaleros,” researchers, distributors, bartenders and experts about current situation and future of the Mezcal industry. Viva Mezcal – $45


Sun May 19 The Greatest BBQ
This unprecedented event at the La Plaza de Cultura Y Artes will feature a grand scale BBQ cookout of authentic Mexican delicacies, as prepared by Chef Aquiles Chavez, Chef Pablo Salas, Chef Javier Plascencia, Chef Rodolfo Castellanos and Chef Jose Ramon Castillo. In addition to this fantastic cuisine, La Gran Parrillada will feature wines from nine different vineyards in the Valle De Guadalupe in Mexico, as well as a selection of tequila, beer and Mezcales. To top it off, La Gran Parrillada welcomes celebrated chocolatier Chef Jose Ramon Castillo, who will prepare his world-renowned chocolate. La Gran Parrillada – $40

The 2013 Hola Mexico Film Festival will close with the documentary CELSO PIÑA; THE ACCORDION REBEL, the story of Celso Piña and his influence on modern Mexican music. Afterwards, Piña and his band will perform an exclusive concert at La Plaza de Cultura Y Artes. The Band La Misa Negra, also, will be with us to close this great night. In addition to this fantastic cuisine, La Gran Parrillada will feature wines from nine different vineyards in the Valle De Guadalupe in Mexico, as well as a selection of tequila, beer and Mezcales. Also on Closing Night, Chef Jose Ramon Castillo returns with his decadent chocolate creations. Closing Night Screening and Concert – $30

One movie I’ve seen and HIGHLY recommend is Hecho En Mexico (Made In Mexico). The talented musicians representing the great diversity and breadth of Mexican music and culture featured in the film are amazing! I’m still waiting to get my hands on the soundtrack!



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