Shift It! Goorgen and the Best Transmission Auto Shop Commercial Ever!

Hahahaha…apparently the most interesting people in Los Angeles can be found in Burbank! First, we had the singing couple at the gas station and now this is Goorgen Zargarian, the real business owner of a real business Arlen’s Transmission. If you don’t believe it, watch the official (boring) commercial which definitely needed a big overhaul and a jump start (ha! I couldn’t resist):

So these two “Internetainers” Rhett and Link approach small businesses around Los Angeles they think are interesting and worthy enough to help promote them. Take a look at the behind the scenes:

They really hit upon a gold mine with the charismatic Persian-Armenian Goorgen, who is already something of a singing celebrity in his home country, with many songs & music videos to his credit, one of which caught their eye and was the inspiration for the commercial:

Goorgen’s really taken off running with his new internet fame. Arlen Transmission’s Yelp page is blowing up with new reviews and Goorgen’s new Twitter feed is hilarious with gems like these:

Hey, baby. How is your car run? #ShiftIt
I love to work on trannies. #shiftit
I fix your transmission I cannot fix it your brake. You bring car with brake problems I just make your horn louder.
Hey baby are you domestic or foreign? #shiftit

He’s been interviewed on TMZ and even Ellen is hiring him…LOL:

So business owners take note! I’ve started a small business myself and used social media to quickly grow it so it really works and I love supporting local businesses. If you’re not afraid to poke fun at yourself and think outside the box, you can quickly become a viral hit all over the world overnight!


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