Support the Arts! 60 hours left to help Bootleg Theater fund A Fried Octopus: An Original Piece

(UPDATE 05/11/13: Thanks to the strong response and generosity of the community, the Bootleg Theater met their goal! Here’s a message from them:

YOU DID IT!! You got us to our goal. Thank you so very much for supporting this project!! We at Bootleg are very grateful for your generosity.

We will be in touch shortly via individual email to set up your perks.

A Fried Octopus opens Friday, May 17 at 7:30pm. We hope to share this dream with you in person!

Thank you!
The Fried Octopus Team from Bootleg Theater)

I love the Bootleg Theater, a 1930s warehouse in historic Filipinotown, that’s an intimate venue for a lot of great music shows I attend. A lot of people, including the music fans who go there, are unaware that the Bootleg Theater is also a nonprofit center for original and creative theater and dance. Founded in 2006 as the non-profit Rampart Theater Project Inc., Alicia Adams, the Artistic Director, and her dedicated team have been putting on great theater through donations, grants and ticket sales for the last 7 years. Now, they are creating an original theater piece, A Fried Octopus, based on years of research by Adams on the women of Toulouse Lautrec’s paintings, who were pioneering artists of their own. The Bootleg Theater has never attempted a major donation campaign like this before and they are now turning to the community for help! If you’ve been to one of their theater productions, you know it’s a worthy cause. Even if you’ve only been to the Bootleg for music and dancing, I think it’s important to support all the wonderful art happening under their roof and in our community. They’re more than 2/3’s towards their funding goal, so please consider donating within the next 60 hours on their indiegogo page and help spread the word!


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