Weekly Music Discovery: Yellow Alex & The Feelings

I apologize for the lack of posts this past week — WordPress.com found questionable content and prevented me from doing anything until they investigated — which turned out to be nothing and an error on their part. So I was censored for no reason and it was driving me crazy not being able to post anything! Anyway, back to sharing new music with y’all. My pick this week is a local LA band, Yellow Alex & The Feelings, that I hardly know anything about — but I’ve been noticing their name on a few venue calendars and came upon their song “Lisa Lisa Lisa” which is catchy as all hell! They released their EP Hollywood Ghost Dance in January and they’ve been getting airplay on KCRW.

Describing themselves as “silly, sexy, and catchy as shit. yellow alex brings the party with a carefree spin on classic disco sounds. with echoes of chic and parliament, there’s a bass-heavy groove beneath all the optimism, and lots of clever word-play for those paying attention. ‘i call it crack-funk'” – and crack it is — I’ve had this song on continuous replay. It’s got such a contagious 80s synthpop feel and their video is a fun choreography in one take. I love a band that can dance and have fun with themselves and the lead singer Alexander Gedeon has the charisma and sex appeal of Prince — my favorite part of the video is when he’s writhing on the floor, shirtless and screaming, like his Purple Badness himself. I read their live shows are this fun too, so I’ll definitely be catching them soon. They’ve got 2 upcoming shows: Tonight, Fri 5/3, they return to The Satellite, where they had a sold-out residency and next Wed 5/8 at the monthly Reveal! at The Virgil, with free champagne, special guests, a midnight dance performance and all profits going to the LA Gay & Lesbian Youth Center. More info on their Facebook events:



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