ColCoa French Film Festival April 15-22

The 17th Annual City of Lights, City of Angels (COL•COA) film festival runs from Monday, April 15 to Monday, April 22 at The Directors Guild Theater in Hollywood. The festival was created in 1996  and is committed to promoting new French films in the U.S. and to showcasing the vitality and the diversity of French cinema in Hollywood: comedies and dramas, box office hits in France and novelties, first features and films from established writer-directors, art house movies as well as mainstream films.

It is one of the largest French film festivals in the world and has become more and more popular in the Greater Los Angeles community. Most of the screenings are booked several weeks before the event so get your tickets before they sell out! There are some free screenings and free closing night and they announce some limited free availability for screenings on their Facebook page so check there as well. There are also contests to win a free trip to Paris and one free year of French cinema. Here are just a few of the great films showing!


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