Support Free Arts for our Children and Community! 3 Days Left to Vote for Levitt Pavilions for $100K Grant!


The Levitt Pavilion is vying for $100,000 in grant money in the LA2050 contest sponsored by the Goldhirsch Foundation. The Levitt Pavilion recognizes that drastic funding cuts to arts education in LA schools are hurting our children and want to use this funding to continue their nonprofit work in offering free hands-on interactive workshops for children to involve and inspire them in the arts. There’s only 3 days left to vote and Levitt Pavilion is now in the top 10…let’s help get them to Number one by noon Wednesday, April 17! Vote Now Here!

If you’re a music-loving Angeleno like me, you’ve been to Levitt Pavilions at MacArthur Park and Pasadena for their free summer concerts. What you may not know is these venues are the result of work started by the late Mortimer Levitt, who strongly felt that the arts enrich our communities and should be accessible to all, not just those who can afford to buy tickets.

The 1st Levitt Pavilion was built on a landfill site in Wesport, Connecticut in 1973 and since then, 5 other Levitt Pavilions have been established nationwide. Today, his wife, Mimi, and daughter, Elizabeth Hirsch Levitt, continue Mortimer’s dream of helping communities revitalize neglected spaces into beautiful concert halls to bring people together for free music, art and dance.  MacArthur Park, which was once crime-ridden, is now a blossoming, beautiful outdoor space for families, in large part to the Levitt Pavilion’s work and their annual free summer concerts since 2007. Help them continue bringing our diverse community together through free art, music and dance…Vote Now!


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