Zuzuka Poderosa LA Show to Benefit Movie about Recycled Orchestra

In her only LA show, Zuzuka Poderosa will be blowing up La Cita Bar in downtown LA with her loud, infectious Baile Funk beats on Thursday, April 18! Born to a Brazilian mother and Indonesian father, raised in Rio de Janeiro, and moved to New York after high school to pursue music, Zuzuka Poderosa is the self-described “new queen warrior of her own special brand of Carioca Bass. Influenced by Funk carioca, originating in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, borrows heavily from Miami bass but with an added sense of urgency and brutal lyrics over Brooklyn Bass.” I’ve seen her twice before in LA and this global bass diva is unstoppable! Check out her new single Seda, an outspoken song about marijuana decriminalization. It’s part of a collaboration with Bay area producer Kush Arora called Carioca Bass EP released on January 29th on Little Owl Recordings.

The stylish video is directed by Artur Kummer, director of photography for the Brazilian music documentary Beyond Ipanema which focuses on Brazil’s prolific influence on the global music scene and Zuzuka, who appears in the film, is definitely putting her own unique stamp on the underground global bass scene in New York.

She will also be joined by DJ Sabo (Sol Selectas), Righteous Trash (Subversive Artists) , Ryo Vibes (Dub Siren Hi-Fi) and Señor Oz (Afrolicious) for this month’s edition of Booya!, which is every 3rd Thursday at La Cita Bar, and the night’s proceeds will benefit Landfill Harmonic, a film about “The Recycled Orchestra”, a group of children from a Paraguayan slum who play instruments made entirely of garbage. When I first saw the video of these children, I was deeply moved by the power of music to transform these young lives, who fashion the instruments from anything they can scrounge from a landfill. With their crowd-funding goals met, the movie team will be able to make trips to film the children on location and even take them on a world tour to share their inspirational music & message!

$5 for a great cause and 21+…more info on Facebook. Here’s a taste of the other artists who are gonna be keepin the dance floor sizzlin’!


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