Psy’s new Gentleman follow-up to Gangnam Style!

What Korean war tensions? Psy just released his next single Gentleman, a catchy beat along with a video where Psy and his cohorts are getting even naughtier. There are new dance moves, maybe not as entertaining as riding an invisible horse but more sexually suggestive gyrations. Psy’s rockin’ what looks like the skinny hipster version of MC Hammer pants and we finally see him without his signature sunglasses. Psy complained his publicist forced him to always keep his sunglasses on, day or night, throughout his US tour, because without them, no one recognized him so he has a very “dim view” of America…ha!

There’s already controversy over a brief nip slip in the video by Ga In of Brown Eyed Girls. In fact, the song and dance choreography are his homage to their immensely popular 2009 song Abracadabra.  So far, 6 million views and counting in just one day! I doubt it’ll capture as much viral global success as Gangnam Style but judging by how many times I’ve had it on replay, it’s safe to assume Psy isn’t a one-hit wonder. Full lyrics & translation here.


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