La Santa Cecilia’s New Video for El Hielo a Powerful Statement against Immigration Policy & Deportation

stop deport
(Update 4/29/13:  La Santa Cecilia will be performing a free in-store show celebrating their new album Treinta Dias at Amoeba Records on Tuesday, April 30. Judging by the RSVPs on the Facebook event, get there EARLY and get your exclusive FIRST listen of their new songs at!

I just learned that the video was produced in partnership with both the National Day Laborer Organization and the abc* Foundation’s “Healing Power of Music Initiative”. In conjunction with the video’s release, the band will appear at immigration reform rallies April 9th in Phoenix, Arizona, and April 10th at The U.S. Capitol Building In Washington D.C. The National Day Laborer Organizing Network is made up of more than 40 organizations across the country working to improve the lives of day laborers. The Healing Power of Music is an initiative of the Americas Business Council (abc*) Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports high-impact, innovative, social and environmental organizations working to sustainably advance the Americas.)

When La Santa Cecilia released the song El Hielo in March, it was quickly picked up by mainstream media for the band’s open criticism of ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcements) and their sympathy for undocumented immigrants. The band, who are all from immigrant families, have always lent their support to immigration rights groups and the DREAM act, and their new video for the song, released today, continues the band’s efforts to highlight the daily plight of undocumented families under the constant threat of discovery and deportation by immigration authorities. Most of the actors in the video are themselves undocumented and you can read their poignant stories at

I saw La Santa Cecilia perform this song live with Carla Morrison at the Red Bull Panamerika show at The Fonda Theater in Hollywood and lead singer La Marisoul made her sentiments clear: “The border divides us physically, but never emotionally.” She has said the character of Eva from the song is based on her own mother, a housekeeper. The lyrics of the song and the band’s message are unequivocal: Stop Deportation. #not1more.

ICE is on the loose out on the streets

You never know when your number’s up

Cry, Children cry when they get out

They cry when mom’s not coming to pick them up

Some of us stay here

The others stay there

That happens for going out to make a living

(for the full lyrics, check out

The band is currently on tour after playing at SXSW and makes their Tucson debut tomorrow in Arizona, a state at the epicenter of the contentious national debate on immigration because of its anti-immigration policies.


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