Tamales de Puerco (Pork Tamales): A trilingual play in English, Spanish & American Sign Language April 5-28

Tamales de Puerco (Pork Tamales) is the first trilingual play of its kind, telling the story of an undocumented Mexican mother to a Deaf son. She must learn to navigate three different worlds to escape an abusive husband who cannot cope with their disabled child. The play is based on the experiences of Mercedes Floresislas, the playwright, who struggled with depression and an abusive relationship while raising her Deaf son. Continue reading

Music, Dance, Film, Art & Cultural events Mar. 25 – Mar. 31

weekly list
Enjoy the week before some rain come next week! Here are just some of the very many awesome events happening around LA! Do you have an LA hidden treasure or great cause people should know about? Let me know! Also check out other weekly and monthly events on our calendar! Continue reading

Vietnamese International Film Festival April 4-7 and April 11-14

The 6th biennial Vietnamese International Film Festival (ViFF) will be taking place April 4-7 and April 11-14 at Edwards University Theater in Irvine, Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, UC Irvine and UCLA. Here’s more info from their directors:

ViFF has come a long way since its establishment in 2003. This year we showcase 69 films, including, at 18, a record number of features.  We are honored to have received a wide array of works from filmmakers all over the world, including Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, Viet Nam, and the United States. Continue reading

Biting Elbows – Insane Office Escape is 5 minutes of BAD ASS!

I saw this short film on Kotaku today and it’s the most exhilarating 5 minutes of film I’ve seen in a while! Don’t let the gratuitous boob shot fool you — what is gratuitous in the next 5 minutes are lots of violence,  amazing athleticism of our first-person hero, and great film-making. If you’re a fan of first-person shooter games, films like Reservoir Dogs, or parkour, you’re going to love this one. Or if you’re Russian, just another normal day (best YouTube comment). (By the way, this is the second of a 2-part video story — if you like to watch things in sequential order, scroll down to the 1st video of the story, The Stampede, released last year). Continue reading

Free Screenings of Contemporary South American Cinema at USC April 5-7

April 5-7, another set of free film screenings open to the public at the USC School of Cinematic Arts will be showcasing recent cinema from South America. These films aren’t the most recent coming from South America and I’ve seen quite a few of them already, but from dramas to comedies to horror, this series is a good representation of the different genres of quality film and diverse stories coming from South America cinema. You can click on the film titles in the lineup to RSVP. Continue reading

Music, Dance, Film, Art & Cultural events Mar. 18 – Mar. 24

weekly list
Spring is officially here this week! (Even though it’s been like summer already!) Here are just some of the very many awesome events happening around LA! Do you have an LA hidden treasure or great cause people should know about? Let me know! Also check out other weekly and monthly events on our calendar! Continue reading

Hapa Japan Festival April 2-6

Hapa Japan Festival is April 2-6 and explores mixed race and mixed roots Japanese people’s history, identity, and representations through film, music, scholarship, an exhibit, and community activity. Come join them for a concert featuring emerging hapa artists, a comedy night at East West Players, readings by award-winning authors, a historical exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum, film screenings of great documentaries, and a 2-day academic conference at USC. Presented by the Hapa Japan Database Project and the USC Center for Japanese Religions and Culture. All events are free and you can register here. Continue reading

LUNAFEST Traveling Film Festival benefits Women’s Charities and Breast Cancer Fund

luna fest
LUNAFEST is a traveling film festival started in 2000 by LUNA, the makers of the Whole Nutrition Bar for Women, to spotlight women filmmakers and raise money for Breast Cancer Fund. LUNAFEST is also used as a “fundraiser-in-a-box” to help nonprofits raise awareness and funds in their own communities by hosting the festival. LUNAFEST’s motto is “By, For, About Women” and  the 2013 season features 9 short films showcasing talented women filmmakers and their incredibly diverse work. 100% of the proceeds go towards the hosting charities and Breast Cancer Fund so find a screening near you and come out to support these charities that are giving voice, support and empowerment to women! Here are upcoming screenings and charities they benefit in the Southern California area at the time of writing and more are always being added: Continue reading

Best of Belgian Cinema every 3rd Wednesday at Aero Theatre

This is the 4th annual Grit and Whimsy series of Belgian cinema organized by the Consulate General of Belgium and showing at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica every 3rd Wednesday of the month throughout the year. I only found out about it now so I’m quite disappointed I’ve already missed 2 spectacular films coming from Belgium. Some of the screenings will include Q&A with the filmmakers and every screening is followed by a Belgian beer reception! Continue reading

Reggae Pops 70th Birthday Party March 22!

reggae pops1
Hey cool kids! Everyone’s idol and beloved grandfather figure, Reggae Pops, is celebrating his 70th birthday next Friday, March 22 at Arena! If you’re a creature of LA’s reggae, house and latin music and dance scene, chances are you’ve seen Pops out on the dance floor, giving you no excuse not to be shaking your booty too! To many of us, Pops is the real Most Interesting Man in the World and you know you’re at a cool event when Pops esta en la casa! Thanks to my obsession with filming everywhere I went in LA, I actually have video of when I first met Pops back in 2008. It immediately occurred to me we both had 2 things in common: we both love to dance and we both have eyes for the ladies…HA! The Man is my Inspiration! And I’m not alone! Continue reading