Film Independent screenings in March at LACMA

al pacinoI love the free screenings at LACMA, given by Film Independent, the nonprofit arts organization that produces the Spirit Awards and the Los Angeles Film Festival, and sponsored by The New York Times. They’re often attended by directors and stars of the movie, such as the last screening, showing the Oscar-nominated No from Chile, with Gael García Bernal in attendance. This March, they’re presenting 3 upcoming films which all happen to be crime thrillers. RSVP opens on March 5…guests at the Q&A to be announced, so get your tickets quick!

Phil Spector, March 14: Al Pacino, in one of his most hair-raising roles (ha!),  stars as the successful, reclusive record producer and Helen Mirren stars as the lawyer defending him on murder charges.

The Place Beyond the Pines, March 18: Ryan Gosling plays a daredevil motorcyclist turning to a life of crime to support Eva Mendes and Bradley Cooper plays the ambitious rookie cop trying to catch him.

The Company You Keep, March 28: Susan Sarandon and Robert Redford play fugitives from the 60s radical protest era and Shia LaBeouf costars as the investigative reporter trying to uncover the story.


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